TorTalk reaches 50% of Sweden’s students

More people are choosing TorTalk

During the spring of 2017, more colleges and universities began to work widely with TorTalk text-to-speech. This means that over half of Sweden’s students now have access to TorTalk in computer rooms, on exam computers, and on their own computers.

Site license with TorTalk is getting common

A Site license means colleges and universities can have TorTalk Windows and TorTalk Mac in computer rooms, on exam computers, and the students’ and staff’s own computers.

On-site training

A site license for an excellent text-to-speech program is a good start, but the most important thing is that the tools are being used. With the TorTalk site license, on-site training is always included with the goal that all participants will become confident in using and demonstrating TorTalk.

For some years now, we have been supplementing the training with a section on how to study using text-to-speech. Study techniques, learning styles and barriers for those who listen to information are some topics we cover.


“Now, the library’s e-books and various online magazines are available. A whole new world of reading possibilities has now opened up thanks to TorTalk :D”

Ida Stjernkvist, student at Gothenburg University and Handi tester


“We at GU are delighted with TorTalk, and I am also satisfied with the great support we receive from them. They are so quick to help our students; it feels perfect”

“TorTalk is so simple that the students immediately become independent. It frees up a lot of time for us at the library.”

Elin Nord, pedagogical library, University of Gothenburg and chairman of the Swedish Daisy Consortium


“I was at least three weeks behind my fellow students but caught up on their lead in 3 days when I got TorTalk.”

Oscar Dankwardt, entrepreneur and employee, former systems science student at Luleå University of Technology


“..and as a highly literate person, I am now sitting and reading, with both eyes and ears, English magazine articles about flipped classrooms that are part of the course University pedagogy 1. Pure pleasure during working hours!”

Sarah Lombrant, Funka manager, Örebro University


“TorTalk saved my C thesis. Now the program facilitates my studies every day.”

Sara Sundlo, theology student, Uppsala University