1. How can I download TorTalk App?

(A) You can find TorTalk on App Store.

(B) Android users can find TorTalk on Google Play.

2 Do you have any instructions for the TorTalk Apps?

3. How can I cancel my iOS App subscription?

Here is a video explaining how to cancel a subscription on App Store.

4. Will my license key also work for the App?

No, unfortunately not. You may have a free trial at App Store.

5. Which TTS voices can I use together with TorTalk?

Around 60 TTS voices in 20 languages are included with TorTalk for computers. See voices and languages here.

For iOS around 25 TTS voices in 10 languages are included.

6. Can I use TorTalk on different computers?

No, after buying TorTalk, you will get one license key which can be only used on one computer. Please note that TorTalk Windows and TorTalk Mac are two different applications.

7. I've got a license key from school, what do I do next?

We have a page for pupils and students, where you will find relevant information.

8. Is it possible to use TorTalk to also read text that can’t be highlighted?

Yes, on your computer click on TorTalk’s OCR button, then place the OCR box over the text you want to have read aloud. Then, select the play button in the box. This works for all formats of text, for example; images of text, non-editable PDF files and e-books.

9. Are updates included when I buy TorTalk?

Yes, updates of TorTalk Windows and TorTalk Mac are included from the date of purchase until your subscription expires.

10. How is TorTalk updated?

When the computer has access to the internet, TorTalk will automatically search for updates. App Store will let you know when an update for TorTalk iOS is available.

11. Which operating systems can I use with TorTalk Windows?

12. Which operating systems can I use with TorTalk Mac?

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer. Read more about system requirements here.

13. TorTalk always reads from the clipboard on my computer; can I turn it off?

Unfortunately, we have not found a good enough solution for this yet. We are working towards a solution that will not interfere with our application being intuitive. For a quick stop of reading aloud using a shortcut, please take a look at the next Question.

14. How can I get the TTS voice to stop reading?

TorTalk Windows; click on Pause. You can also use the hotkey right shift to pause or right control to stop.

TorTalk Mac; click Pause in the menu or use the hotkey right shift to pause or alt to stop.

15. Is it possible to save audio files using TorTalk?

No, so far, we have chosen not to include this function to retain the simplicity and fast start-up of the application. TorTalk is always easy to use and quick to start if you want to read a text.

16. What happens if my computer breaks down?

We will renew your license key. Please fill in the form below, write your original license key, purchase name, and email address and send it to us. We will handle your case manually.

    17. What do I do as a speech therapist if I want to prescribe TorTalk?

    It differs from region to region. Please, get in touch with us at info@tortalk.se

    18. My TorTalk Mac does not read from the clipboard, but OCR works.

    Apple has increased security and you have to enable TorTalk in Settings/Security/Integrity/Aid tools. Please start by pressing the lock, down on the left.

    19. Can I as an administrator do an offline activation of TorTalk?

    Yes, for TorTalk Windows. Please follow the instructions here.

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