1. Which TTS voices can I use together with TorTalk?

Around 60 TTS voices in 20 languages are included with TorTalk. See voices and languages here.

2. Can I use TorTalk on different computers?

Yes, buying TorTalk you can use the application on two computers. Please observe that TorTalk Windows and TorTalk Mac are two different applications.

3. I've got a license key from school, what do I do next?

We have a page for pupils and students, here you will find relevant information.

4. Is it possible to use TorTalk to also read text that can’t be highlighted?

Yes, you simply need to click on OCR, place the OCR box over the text you want to have read and then select the playbutton in the box. This works for all format of text, for example; images of text, non-editable PDF files and e-books.

5. Are updates included when I buy TorTalk?

Yes, updates of  TorTalk Windows and TorTalk Mac are included for at least two years from date of purchase.

6. How is TorTalk updated?

When the computer has access to internet, TorTalk will automatically search for updates.

7. Which operating systems can I use with TorTalk Windows?

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 PRO (but not RT) and Windows 10. Läs mer om systemkrav här. Read more about system requirements.



2 GB RAM or higher.

At least 600 MB available on hard drive.

8. Which operating systems can I use with TorTalk Mac?

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or newer. Läs mer om systemkrav här. Read more about system requirements.

9. TorTalk always read from clipboard, can I turn this off?

Unfortunately we have not found a good enough solution for this yet. We are working towards a solution that will not interfere with our application being intuitiv. For a quick stop of the TTS voice through a hotkey, please take a look at the next Question.

10. How can I get the TTS voice to stop reading?

Klicka på Pause i menyn eller använd snabbtangenten höger shift för att pausa eller höger control för att stoppa talsyntesen, TorTalk Windows. På TorTalk Mac använd höger shift.

Click on Pause. You can also use hotkey right shift (pause) or right control (stop) on the keyboard, TorTalk Windows. For TorTalk Mac, please use right shift.

11. Is it possible to save audio files using TorTalk?

No, so far we have chosen not to include this functions in order to retain simplicity and fast start up of the application. TorTalk is always easy to use and quick to start if you want to read a text again.

12. What happens if my computer breaks down?

We can replace a license key up to 2 years from date of purchase if a computer breaks down.

We want more people to discover TTS - listening to text can increase efficiency and reduce stress.

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