Thanks for TorTalk. Now you can close your eyes and listen text without eyes fatigue.

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What is Digital Eyestrain?

Today, many people work with digital devices such as; computers, tablets or smartphones, spending whole days looking at screens. This can lead to ‘digital eyestrain’. Digital eyestrain syndrome results from looking at a screen for a long time and includes various vision disorders. Ophthalmologist Dr. Zeynep Dadacı explains the disease:
“The most common complaints of patients are eyestrain and pain, headache, blurry or double vision, burning and stinging eyes, watery or dry eyes, itching and rash”.

Visually impaired readers

Reading is a very stressful task. When people read, their eyes need to make roughly four movements every second – that is 15,000 eye movements for every hour they spend reading. At the same time, as the muscles controlling eye movement are working so rapidly, other muscles are busy keeping the lens inside the eye constantly focused at the distance of the book, magazine or computer.
Not simply seniors want to avoid straining their eyes on screens. Many people have mild visual impairments or suffer from sensitivity to light. Using TorTalk (Text To Speech), you can let your eyes take a rest and instead use your ears to listen. This could be more productive on days when staring at screens seems like pain too much to bear. TorTalk offers a safe alternative way to take in text.

The TorTalk story of Elisabet Abelin-Norell

Former a neuro-paediatrician.
Now she is retired, 84 years young.

TorTalk makes my reading much easier.

I have been using TorTalk for 2 years because of my visual impairment (deterioration). Text-to-speech is excellent support when I read my favourite subjects. TorTalk has no complicated functions compared to other voice-over tools, and I like it. Without TorTalk, I would be lost entirely in the world, unable to read and follow up on what is going on.