We want more people to discover TTS - listening to text can increase efficiency and reduce stress.

Since 2013 Swedish TorTalk AB has been developing powerful TTS applications for schools, universities and workplaces. Always with the focus on the end user. The TorTalk users are people with dyslexia, ADHD and those who prefer to listen to their second language.

TTS applications from TorTalk help to increase efficiency and reduce stress for many people. For example, we today reach 80 % of the students in Sweden, which has given us vast experience from implementing TTS. Around 60 natural voices from 20 languages are included.

"I'm Tor Ghai, and I've created TorTalk. Being dyslexic, my life changed for the better when I started using TTS. Before, I felt completely exhausted from reading newspapers, study and work-related materials. Now, with TorTalk, I can read 7 (!) times as much text each day, still feeling fresh. Unfortunately, many people are not making the most of TTS. Technology and functions often cause problems. This is why I've created TorTalk as intuitive as possible."
Tor Ghai Creator of TorTalk

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