Who will be Funcopreneur of the Year?

Illustrates frustration with dyslexia

TorTalk is a finalist for the Funcopreneur of the Year 2022, an award instituted by Nordea to highlight entrepreneurs who uniquely contribute to inclusion. The jury consists of representatives from Nordea, Prince Carl Philips and Princess Sofias Foundation, the City of Stockholm, and The Swedish Association of Hard of Hearing People.

Here Nordea tells more Who will be the Funkoprenör of the Year? Three strong finalists nominated .

What is a funcopreneur?

A funcopreneur is an entrepreneur or a company that, through its mission, promotes people’s differences and thus contributes to diversity and inclusion in business and society.

Who are the finalists for Funcopreneur of the Year?

Finalists for the Funcopreneur of the Year 2022 are TorTalk makes it easier for those who have difficulty reading by offering text-to-speech with speech synthesis, Bara Vanlig helps everyone get out and move regardless of conditions, and Unique Powers help companies become more inclusive in a sustainable and profitable way.

What is TorTalk?

Dyslexia is something that almost 1 in 15 people struggle with, often in silence. It is extremely draining and time-consuming for the individual in today’s information society. TorTalk has developed an app for mobile and computer with text tracking and speech synthesis that allows a person with dyslexia to read as good or better than average. Universities and colleges have understood this. Today, 80% of university students have the opportunity to use TorTalk. The next step is to reach out with TorTalk to the business community, where the benefits are great for both individuals and companies. Imagine an employee who might double his reading ability.

Thank you, Nordea!

We at TorTalk would like to thank Nordea, which actively works with diversity and inclusion and draws attention to dyslexia as a hidden disability. It hopes to inspire companies and schools to better support employees and students with reading difficulties. “Dyslexic thinking” is now a skill on LinkedIn, making it a strength.