The TorTalk story of Sara Sundlo

Former theology student at Uppsala University, today she works as a priest.

TorTalk makes my day so much easier now.

I started to use TorTalk when I was studying at Uppsala University. As a person with dyslexia, my study life was callous and challenging on a daily basis. To ordinary people, reading an article takes only 15 minutes, but I need at least one hour to read the same article. I never give it up.

Using TorTalk text-to-speech has completely changed my entire life. It’s like I have a pair of wings to fly. Now when working, I need to read many documents and emails and to write as well. I use TorTalk to turn email, documents and PowerPoint files into audio, and I even check my spelling after I write the text. TorTalk saves me a lot of time to read; it is so efficient. I also use TorTalk on the way to the office when I am driving and multitasking.

This makes my day so much easier, and so great to have it! I love it so much.

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