The TorTalk story of Max Pahmp

University Student of Media Communications at Södertörn University.

I never thought I could have the same chance to study at the same level as other students, using TorTalk it feels like my brain has an extra arm that boosts my performance.

Earlier in my life, I was lazy and didn’t like to study. Reading made me exhausted. After I was diagnosed as a dyslexic, at the age of 18, I took one year off (which turned into many years off..) but always thought I wanted to return to my studies. In the beginning of my current studies I felt I was way behind my classmates, it was very tough and every week felt like a struggle keeping up with the courses. I felt like I had food on the table but no way to reach for it.

Through the school student health system I got the TorTalk software to help me to read (listening to texts). Wow! The first feeling was just amazing. It was like my brain  had an extra arm/limb. I read and listen with TorTalk at the same time, without getting tired in the same way. I can read longer periods and finally feel I can study like other people. I never thought I could have that. Using TorTalk I am able to keep up and perform at my very best. I am incredibly thankful for this program.

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