The TorTalk story of Katja Tasala Gradin

PhD Student of Ecodesign at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology.

Without TorTalk, I would not have succeeded in my academic studies.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Linköping University and felt that I struggled during those years. After my exam and seven years at Sandvik, my curiosity led me to pursue PhD-studies at KTH.

Toward the middle of my studies, my energy was drained by the massive amount of article reading. My reading strategy of being a fast “word guesser” did not work anymore. After I was diagnosed as dyslexic, I searched for information, software support, and I tried many different text-to-speech tools. TorTalk matched my needs the best, and the incredible support of the TorTalk team was essential to me. The team listened to my feedback concerning the tool and made TorTalk fit my needs even better.

Now I can speed listen/read documents before deciding if a document is relevant to my research. Without TorTalk, I do not think I could have made it this far in my studies. I plan to present my doctoral thesis this year.

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