The TorTalk story of Josefin Cederholm

Medical student at Örebro University

It is crystal clear that now when I have TorTalk, I will achieve far more.

My name is Josefin and I am studying the last semester of the medical program in Sweden. I have been using TorTalk daily for 4.5 years. Due to my dyslexia, I have about 35% reading speed compared to the average reader. When I use TorTalk, I read as well as anyone else.

I have made life decisions based on my reading speed, and my self-confidence regarding school assignments has been low. TorTalk gives me a sense of control, reduces my stress, and increases my self-confidence. Everything I read, I read with TorTalk. I read course literature, treatment recommendations, study guides, e-mails, text messages, and community information, including everything I write myself. Almost all course literature is now available digitally (e-books and internet based teaching materials), and therefore, with TorTalk my reading speed is no longer an obstacle.

Without exaggeration, I can see that the program has positively affected many aspects of my life. Being able to read effectively affects everything from studies, jobs, finances, the ability to communicate in close relationships, and the ability to write and express myself, and it even affects my health. Now that I have been allowed to become a more literate person, I have gained a more prosperous life and more time and capacity to help others and use my potential.

I will probably make many mistakes, but hopefully, I’ll do more good. It is crystal clear that now when I have TorTalk, I will achieve far more.

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