Higher reading speed with TorTalk TTS

On November 28th 2017 research from Uppsala University was published in the Journal of Special Education Technology. The study recognizes that reading with TorTalk TTS increases both reading speed and often reading comprehension compared to reading with your eyes.

As can be seen in Table 4, reading with TTS led to a large
increase in reading rate in the group as whole.”

JSET means – Journal of Special Education Technology

The study was carried out by speech therapist Sofia Grunér (picture) with support from supervisors Per Östberg and Martina Hedenius.


 Reading speed and reading comprehension

 We can see that both groups had positive results if you Vi läser att båda grupperna hade positiva resultat, multiplying speed and comprehension (thus group 2 did not increase in comprehension alone).

“As seen in Table 3, TTS led to a significant increase in
reading comprehension in the group as a whole. However,
within grade groups analyses revealed that this effect was driven
largely by the effect in the younger group, whereas the
effect within the older group was very small and

As can be seen in Table 4, reading with TTS led to a large
increase in reading rate in the group as whole.”

The study as a whole (will be opened in a new window).


More effective studies with TorTalk TTS

Undertaking a higher education a great amount of text has to be read. If you are able to increase your reading speed, and also often the reading comprehension,, efficiency will be improved. Add that you no longer have to listen to text within parenthesis, a TorTalk function, and effectiveness will be even better.


Step up stamina with TTS

In the publication of Sofia Gruner another study quoted recognized that TTS increases stamina. As studies and hyperarousal goes hand in hand, this is a very important aspect – stepping up stamina is most often desirable when you are a student. Using TTS has changed Tor Ghai (creator of TorTalk) from adapting escape behavior when reading into using reading as a escape behavior. Completely true.

“In another study of 50 adult participants
with RD, Elkind, Black, and Murray (1996) found a
significant effect of TSS on reading rate. Using TTS also
enabled the participants to sustain  reading during longer periods
of time.”


More about TorTalk TTS at the University

We can see that our users reads faster with TTS and that their stamina is increased. Over time most of them also step up their reading speed even more. As reading speed is easily adjusted during reading it is easy to challenge your speed.

This enables skim reading, which has been impossible for someone with dyslexia earlier. This is one of the reasons we offer education including contains study technique when meeting our partner Universities.


“Studying has been so neat with TorTalk and I no longer feel like having dyslexia when studying”

Fatima Sjögren Alpha, student at Lunds University (LTU)