The TorTalk story of Elisabet Abelin-Norell

Former a neuro-paediatrician. Now she is retired, 84 years young.

TorTalk makes my reading much easier.

I have been using TorTalk for 2 years because of my visual impairment (deterioration). Text-to-speech is excellent support when I read my favourite subjects. I have always enjoyed reading books and catching up on news from all around the world.

I use TorTalk for reading ebooks and newspapers daily in various languages – on my iPad or my computer. Sometimes when I don’t register the text content, I can quickly decrease the reading speed and listen again.

TorTalk has no complicated functions compared to other voice-over tools, and I like it. Without TorTalk, I would be entirely lost in the world, unable to read and follow up on what is happening.

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