The TorTalk story of Stefan Forsch

Student at Dalarna University.

TorTalk opens a whole new world of reading.

I have been using TorTalk for about three months through my school’s library. The first moment I was just curious about TorTalk. “What is that?” then I tried it. “WOW!” It was just amazing when I heard all the text turned into audio; TorTalk has opened an entirely new world of reading”. Then I said to myself: “Why I didn’t know about TorTalk before!? I would have read more and faster then.”

I like the OCR function (Optical Character Recognition) very much; I can select the words I will read on any picture and turn it into audio. Now I am not scared of reading long documents, and I read three times more than before. Reading has become so much fun, and TorTalk has changed my life. I am looking forward to getting the TorTalk Android App; then, I can read more on my phone daily.

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