The TorTalk story of Nina Taghavi

Lecture at School of Architecture KTH & The Architect in her own firm.

After using TorTalk the feeling is accessibility.

I am an architect and a person who is always thirsty for more information. Most academic books I’m interested in are easy to start; however, hard to finish. Because I have dyslexia, I am a slow reader. I have used the TorTalk mobile app for two months, which works well for me. Actually, it opened a new world.

I mostly use the camera function in the TorTalk app in different ways. For example, I didn’t read magazines so often before because of the amount of text. For a person with dyslexia, it can be very tiring to read a simple article. Now I shoot the article with the app and listen to them while drawing, walking or having breakfast.

This saves me time, and my brain does not get tired quickly from reading anymore. Knowing I can approach “heavy” academic books easily through the TorTalk app is fantastic. This opens a lot of opportunities for me.

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