The TorTalk story of Madlen Fonden

Former student at Chalmers University of Technology, today she works as an Entrepreneur.

TorTalk makes my reading faster and I read a lot now.

I was diagnosed as a dyslexic late, I was 17 years old. Before that, I studied hard, was ambitious, and was eager to learn more. However, reading made me tired and exhausted quickly. I didn’t understand why; I thought this was just me.

After I knew I was dyslexic, I got help from the school. I am lucky to get TorTalk, the correct reading tool to help me read. When TorTalk came into my life, everything became so much easier. It is straightforward to use, and I can adjust the reading speed as I read. The interface is so simple and uncomplicated. I use TorTalk every day to read documents and emails and for spellchecking. After I started using TorTalk, I read even more.

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