75% of Universities in Sweden are using tor.talk

CHALMERS University of Technology

University of Gothenburg

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Linköping University

LUND University

Uppsala University

University of Gothenburg

National Library of Sweden

Stockholm School of Economics

School Pupils

Tor.talk Text To Speech (TTS) helps students to stay focused and to consume more text during studies. Learning has become more efficient.

75 % of the Universities in Sweden offer tor.talk TTS for all their students. All feedback tells us that tor.talk is being used a lot. Research has shown that both reading speed and also reading comprehension has increased when using tor.talk compared to eye reading.

We provide:
  Tor.talk TTS on campus and exam computers.
  Tor.talk TTS at students private computer.
  Education and support for staff and students.
  Site license per year.

Office workers

Tor.talk Text To Speech (TTS) allows me to multi-task, keep my focus and my eyes can rest during work.

In modern dynamic companies, talents are coming from different fields and background. The tor.talk users are people with dyslexia, ADHD and those who prefer to listen to their second language. Reading with TTS increase efficiency and reduce stress for many people. To offer tor.talk TTS to all employees is the best choice for them.

We provide:
  Pay only for the ones using it.
  Education and support for employees.
  All employees are welcome to use the tor.talk support.
  Site license per year.

Tor.talk was interviewed by Swedish National TV in June, 2019.

Tor Ghai, co-founder of Sting Incubate company tor.talk shared his story on SVT1's “Jakten på Dyslexin”. Did you know that he created tor.talk, the text-to-speech tool, for himself when he was studying? Today, 75% of Swedish Universities are using tor.talk. The new tor.talk mobile App is live on Swedish App Store and helps students, bookworms and other people with dyslexia, ADHD and those who prefer to listen to their second language!

Together we aim for the full potential of every person.
We have great experience in implementing and in educating TTS.

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