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New Swedish TorTalk site was released on July 26th 2018 – English version will be ready shortly.

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We raise competence in your organisation - fast and smooth implementation of text to speech

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More than 30 training opportunities with TorTalk has improved availability, working environment, efficiency and reduced stress.

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99 % of the the participens of training led by TorTalk state that they are comfortable in both using and demonstrating text to speech.

We are very proud of our customers

Elin Nord, educational library of Gothenburg University and Chairman of the Swedish DAISY Consortium

“TorTalk is so easy to use that the students immediately become independent. It also frees lots of time for us at the library”

Oscar Dankwardt, computer science student at Luleå University of Technology

“I was at least 3 weeks behind my fellow students, but cought up to their head start in 3 days, when I got TorTalk”

Lisa Lundqvist, President of the student association Dyslektikerna at Uppsala University

“Sometimes I wonder how I managed before TorTalk , it has helped so much.”

Our partners are city councils, schools, workplaces, and about 75 % of the universities in Sweden. Try TorTalk today!

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